Hospital Preparations


In many many respects, Israel works very different than other countries. Especially when it comes to health issues. 
I am having an operation these days, as the doctors found a large mass in my stomach. This has to be removed quickly because it pushes against other organs. 
So, I underwent all kinds of tests at the Jerusalem Sha’arei Zedek Hospital (CT, x – rays., blood tests and ultrasound). But before the actual operation you have to go to your health care (Kupat Cholim) and get a so – called HITHAYVUT. This is a form telling the hospital that the Kupat Cholim pays for everything. In other words, it is a confirmation that someone will pay the hospital.
Moreover, I was busy at my Kupat Cholim today doing an EKG as well as an x – ray of the chest. Apparently the hospital wants to know if your heart and your lungs are in good shape. My tests were positive and I am in very good shape when it comes to health issues. Well, except for this unexpected mass. 🙂
What I am trying to say is that in Israel, you have to take care of many things yourself. In other countries, the hospital may directly deal with your health insurance but in Israel, you are in charge. This can be annoying sometimes but I have to say that all my tests at the Kupat Cholim went smoothly today. 
So, tomorrow I am having the pre – op at the hospital and they will let me know details and the exact date. 

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