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Fighting loneliness – But not with robots

I have never thought about it because I am anything but lonely. I don’t feel lonely because I am an introvert. 🙂 Thus I am not looking for lots of company and people who are constantly around.
However, recently I have learned that loneliness has become a huge society problem and it is getting worse. There will be smart cities in the near future and then people will even get lonelier. Smartphone apps provide us with apps whose goal it is to get people together. For cooking or baking meetings or just to meet others and talk.
What I don’t understand is the idea of having a robot as a companion or even as a pet. Just to have someone to talk to? I find it a disgusting idea and if I want a pet (cat), I just need to open my door and there are plenty outside. A feral cat family living in our garden and sometimes they drop their kittens right in front of my door to take them in. So, why should I need a stupid robotic cat? Never mind, I would love to see the other cats reaction. First they would sniff on the robotic cat and then they would probably slap it and consider the thing as stupid but never as one of their own. 🙂



These loneliness stories always remind me of the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks.  Where the Fedex guy stranded on an island finds a ball, calls him Wilson and talks to him. But this was a different situation and there was just no one else to talk to on this abandoned island. However, it shows that we humans are not made for totally being alone.
G – d created us in order to communicate with other and doing Mitzvot means to interact with other people. We cannot just lock ourselves up because it is not a healthy human behaviour.
Of course, there are times where we want to be alone but there are also time when even the worst introvert needs someone to talk to. And this someone cannot be a robot!

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