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Does a cable car destroy Jerusalem’s Old City?

The front picture of the last edition of Jerusalem’s local paper YEDIOT YERUSHALAYIM raises the question whether a future cable car destroys Jerusalem’s Old City. 
My answer would be YES! Who wants to see cables and a cables car flying around while looking at a biblical and, at least, ancient landscape? At the Western Wall (Kotel) and all archaeological sites? Who suddenly wants to face a cable car while looking at the Valley of Gehinnom?


Photo: Miriam Woelke


There are plans for Jerusalem getting a cable car running from the Old Train Station (HaTachana) via the Abu Tur neighbourhood and Mount Zion down to the Dung Gate right outside the Kotel Plaza. People in my neighbourhood which is Abu Tur are pretty upset, as we are supposed to get a cable car stop. We residents fear all kinds of tourists cruising through our little quiet neighbourhood. As if we don’t have enough problems with the Arabs next door.
I have seen tourists standing in our garden and taking pictures of the flowers. Or a Chinese tour group standing in our yard with their suitcases because they thought that we are their Airbnb. 
Local residents wouldn’t necessarily use the cable car, as tickets will be expensive. The government as well as the municipality are planning the cable car for tourists. They jealously look at tourist places such as Prague, Barcelona, Berlin, Paris, London or Venice and the municipality needs money. So, why not build another tourist attraction in Jerusalem?
We are already getting a stupid pyramid downtown. An Egyptian looking pyramid is being build right of Agrippas Street. Between the Machane Yehudah Market and King George Street.
Who needs an Egyptian pyramid in the middle of Jerusalem? It is supposed to be another tourist attraction and, at the same time, serving as a luxury hotel together with luxury stores. 
It seems as if everything is being done for tourists but hardly anything for tax – paying locals. 


The cable car plans



4 thoughts on “Does a cable car destroy Jerusalem’s Old City?

  1. I disagree ! My home ciy has one and I think its cool and tourist is what keeps Jerusalem alive. You need the money and our cabl car pays for it self!
    People always complane about change the governmen should ignore them .

  2. I see in one area they will be going over the land below Har Zeiteim~which from the looks of it would be JabelMukaber. I actually live in that area and have to smile. Some of the most active jihadists live there, and what a beautiful target they will have~just sit on the rooftops and fire missiles, rocks, firecrackers at the cable cars as they pass. Now that should be great for tourism!

    • Exactly what I thought! What on earth are they thinking?? I don’t live in Yerushalayim, or Eretz haKodesh unfortunately, but I’d hate this idea 😪

      • B”H

        It is all about tourism. Jerusalem wants to attract million of tourists and earn money. Apparently our Old City and history are not attractive enough and we have to become like Tel Aviv.

        Downtown they are even building a pyramid. Something more ridiculous. This pyramid is supposed to become a luxury hotel with exclusive shops. Who on Agrippas Street is able to afford it but wealthy tourists? It is insane to build a pyramid and a luxury hotel in an area where people have no money.

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