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Yom HaZikaron & Statistics

The Jewish month of Iyar has begun. According to the chassidic “Bnei Yissachar” as well as according to the kabbalistic “Book of Creation – Sefer Yetzirah”, Iyar is the month of healing. 
Well, I have a lot to say about this. 🙂 However, I am just hoping that I won’t get really serious cancer! That nobody gets it. 
My next CT scan is coming up and I am unhappy with the entire situation. One of the reasons is that I have to investigate every little single detail myself. On the other hand, this way I am collecting lots of information about various cancer types / medication and surgery. 
Tonight, Israel is commemorating its fallen soldiers and terror victims. Thus, shops, cafes, cinemas, malls are closing between 6 – 7 pm. Buses continue to run this evening but, in Jewish areas, everything will be closed.
There is going to be a live broadcast from the Kotel (Western Wall) at 8 pm. The president, chief – of – staff as well as parents of fallen soldiers are going to make speeches. A very sad day and I don’t know what is more depressing: Yom HaShoah last week or Yom HaZikaron tonight and tomorrow.
There will be a nationwide siren at 8 pm tonight. The same tomorrow at 11 am.
By the way, tomorrow shops, cafes, etc. will be open as usual. And tomorrow night, starting at 8 pm, Israel will be celebrating its Independence Day (Yom Ha’azma’ut). I know that there are various opinions on the present State of Israel. Whether it is a Jewish state or that there has to be state after the arrival of Meshiach. 
I am not too much into Theodore Herzl’s kind of Zionism. However, I think it is important that Jews have their own country despite the fact that it is far from Torah Judaism. The present state suffers from many problems: The Reform and Conservative movement gaining strength and Chutzpah and lots of Christian missionaries settling in Israel. It doesn’t always have to be the Middle East conflict but, unfortunately, too many false branches of Judaism (e.g.) Reform) make more and more attempts to weaken orthodox Torah Judaism.
In case you are interested in statistics: Israel now has more than nine million citizens

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