Israel: “Fines for not wearing a mask”

The Israeli government has increased the fine for not wearing a mask in public:
I can only talk for Jerusalem, as I live here: Most people still wear masks and buses as well as the tram announce that people have to wear masks when using public transportation. Restaurants and cafes are open but people have to keep a distance. However, Ben Gurion Airport is still closed and only Israelis or foreigners with an official Israeli residency are allowed to enter the country. 
Many people complain about suffering from depression during the lockdown. I am just the opposite, as I am an introvert and OCD. Meaning, I was actually happy during the lockdown. My only fear was not to get to the hospital for chemotherapy but, in the end, everything worked out just fine. 

2 thoughts on “Israel: “Fines for not wearing a mask”

    • B”H

      I am fine. Despite about 30 chemo treatments. The only thing giving me problems is the bladder pain. A nasty side effect of the chemotherapy.

      Most hostels and hotels in Israel are still closed. Foreigners are not allowed into the country and you cannot imagine how nice it is with all those crazy tourists who claim to have visions. 🙂

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