Chassidut Chabad / Messianism

Chabad – Lubavitch getting ready for Gimmel Tammuz

Copyright: Miriam Woelke


This year June 13 is, according to the Jewish calendar, the 3rd day in the month of Tammuz or simply Gimmel Tammuz. An extremely important day in Chassidut Chabad – Lubavitch, as the 3rd day in the month of Tammuz marks Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson’s Yahrzeit.
Chabad is usually commemorating the Yahrzeit of the seventh and last Rebbe with a special prayer service, special Shiurim and, of course, a Redemption (or Meshiach) Meal. Not necessarily because the Rebbe is thought to be the Meshiach. Chabad knows many different Meshiach meals throughout the year. When it comes to other famous Rebbe Yahrzeits or a previous Rebbe was released from a Russian jail, Chabad also celebrates this special day with a Meshiach meal.
Today (Friday), tomorrow Shabbat Korach as well as on Sunday, there will be plenty of Meshiach meals due to Gimmel Tammuz.
Those who consider themselves as a Chabad Meshichist do not commemorate Gimmel Tammuz as the Yahrzeit of Rebbe Menachem Mendel Schneerson but rather as a day the Rebbe became invisible. He didn’t pass away but simply became invisible and, until he reveals himself as the Meshiach, he lives in the upper spiritual spheres. Or in other words, he still lives in 770 but no human is able to see him until he returns as Meshiach.
Here are a couple of former articles on Chabad and Messianism:

I must point out that not every Chabadnik is a Meshichist and that, for this reason, there are many internal fights / arguments within Chassidut Chabad. In the past, I have been studying a lot with Chabad and thanks to Chabad, I came across Chassidut studies and learned a lot.

I am neither Chabad nor do I belong to any other group. However, when it comes to chassidic studies such as TANYA, Chabad actually is the most educated and even academic chassidic group. Their studies are brilliant and extremely educated and challenging. Especially when it comes to the SPARKS (NETZIZOT), the famous kabbalistic concept of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria (the ARIZAL).

Breslov and Rabbi Nachman have never really applied to me and, because my first chassidic studies took place with Chabad, I have always stuck to Chabad. Not as a member or anything but I do like their studies and I bought quite a few books about Chabad concepts and biographies on different Rebbes. However, I have never studied with Meshichistim. 🙂

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