My name is Miriam Woelke and I live in Jerusalem. I made Aliyah from Germany in June 2000. 
Despite the fact that I write a lot about the haredi world in general, I am not part of any group. I am neither Chabad nor Breslov nor anything else.
Years ago, I did Teshuva and wanted to be part of haredi society. Thus, I went to a Litvishe seminary and tried my best to be a happy part of society. However, it didn’t work out. Not everybody is meant to be haredi and what happened to me is that I found myself more and more depressed. In the end, I left and since then, I don’t look haredi but I somehow do stick to society. It would never occur to me to change to the national religious or anything else.

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  1. It is extremely courageous you to remain loyal to haredi Ideology; it could habe been easier to you to join national religious but you remain haredi in your heart!

  2. B”H

    You know, it is also a matter of where you feel comfortable. And I can say that I feel much more comfortable among Haredim and have absolutely no approach or feeling towards the national religious. Of course, there are many nice national religious and when I started studying Judaism, I went to national religious institutions. However, once I tried out haredi institutions, this was it. I was caught and never wanted to go back to the national religious.

    Today I don’t look anything but haredi but my heart will always be “haredi”. 🙂

  3. How sad! HaRav “A. Y.Kook, Machon Ora, the writings and legacies of Rabbis J.B. Soloveitchik, and Eliezer Berkovits. And so many more. Devout,, inspirational people sincerely and ardently striving to cleave to HaShem while, at the same time, to advancing His People, His Land and His world. I believe, firmly,with all my heart, that there’s a lot to say for “dati-leumi”. I wouldn’t write it off, if I were you, without a thouough search into it.

  4. B”H

    Hi Zahava,

    Not, I am not writing it off at all, as I also have a lot of Dati Leumi friends. 🙂

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