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How the visit of Vice President Pence is effecting Jerusalem these days

B”H Lots of streets are already closed or will be closed tomorrow and on Tuesday:,7340,L-5073924,00.html US Vice President Mike Pence is due to arrive in Jerusalem tonight. Tomorrow he will meet with President Rivlin and Bibi Netanyahu. The main topic is, of course, the US embassy move to Jerusalem. However, the question is: What … Continue reading

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Jerusalem’s GE’ULAH Neighbourhood

B”H Jerusalem’s Ge’ulah neighbourhood is located right next to Mea Shearim and is, just like Mea Shearim, entirely haredi (Ultra – Orthodox). Israeli tourists as well as Jewish and non – Jewish visitors from abroad like to tour through the two neighbourhoods but locals don’t really like to have those strangers around. The reasons are … Continue reading