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Is G – d taking away someone’s Talent?

B”H Someone has a unique talent and suddenly everything changes. The whole life is turned upside down and one cannot use his talent anymore. Why did G – d allow this? A great article to read: I think that, if the worst scenario happens, we somehow have to concentrate on the future and find … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries

Christians Missionaries in Israel try to marry a Jew in order to stay in the country

B”H Just imagine for a few minutes: You are homeless, sleep in shelters and eat in soup kitchens. You don’t really have a place to go to but only receive a small monthly welfare allowance.  Some people may say: “Well, find a job and earn money!” This, however, doesn’t always work and it very much … Continue reading

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The Politics of Tradition: Agudat Yisrael in Poland, 1916 – 1939, by Gershon C. Bacon

B”H Anyone interested in Jewish – Polish as well as haredi history should read this book: I just bought the Hebrew edition but it is also available in English. It includes tons of information and the author writes about Polish Haredim dealing with modernity. With Haskalah, the Reform movement, secular Zionism introduced by Theodore … Continue reading

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German documentary on Antisemitism banned by German networks because it is too pro – Israel

B”H For some time it has been going on: The reports about a German documentary on Antisemitism in Europe that was banned by German networks. The German media considers this documentary as “too pro – Israel”. Now a large German newspaper intends to broadcast the documentary on its channel or website or whatever they run. … Continue reading