In Mourning

B”H I know that some people who do not have a pet find this ridiculous. However, I have been in mourning for the past few days because my cat disappeared. I suppose that she is dead and maybe got hit by a car while being outside. This is very common in my street and sometimes … Continue reading

Where to go in Jerusalem

Things to do in Jerusalem: “Crazy Mary & Escape Room”

B”H I haven’t been there yet but I will definitely go as soon as there are less tourists around. 🙂 Probably after the upcoming high holidays. The CRAZY MARY is a haunted house in Jerusalem’s Talpiyot neighbourhood. Not a real haunted house but something spooky for visitors: Just in case that you want to … Continue reading

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Jerusalem’s cozy BAKA neighbourhood

  Jerusalem’s popular BAKA neighbourhood. This video shows the area between Pierre Koenig and Yehudah Street. The high apartment buildings are new and expensive. Some of those towers are ready and people have already moved in. However, two further towers are still under construction. The smallest and cheapest apartment is around 5500 Shekels per month. … Continue reading