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The hidden antisemitism in Israel: “Gentiles making Aliyah”

B”H I couldn’t agree more with Rabbi Yosef! Just about two weeks ago, the Israeli media published that, in 2018, more non – Jews than Jews made “Aliyah”. Most of those non – Jews were Russians. 86% of people making Aliyah to Israel were not Jewish! And it is getting worse: Those Russian Gentile … Continue reading

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Where did all the Jews from the Arab countries go?

B”H As soon as the present State of Israel came into existence in 1948, all Arab countries kicked out their Jewish population. Hundreds of thousands of Jews had to leave immediately and their properties were confiscated.  Many Jews from Morocco, Algeria, Syria, Lebanon, Tunesia, etc. left and most of them moved to Israel. Until this … Continue reading

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Israel’s recent Unemployment Rate

B”H Israel has a lower unemployment rate and salaries are on the rise: I would say that it very much depends on where people live. In the southern regions, in the north, at the coast, in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem. There are more jobs available in Tel Aviv, Netanya, Hod Hasharon, Petach Tikvah … Continue reading