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German documentary on Antisemitism banned by German networks because it is too pro – Israel

B”H For some time it has been going on: The reports about a German documentary on Antisemitism in Europe that was banned by German networks. The German media considers this documentary as “too pro – Israel”. Now a large German newspaper intends to broadcast the documentary on its channel or website or whatever they run. … Continue reading

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Youtuber PEWDIEPIE and his anti – Semitic remarks

B”H Is anyone surprised that Youtuber, Blogger, Vlogger and other social media freaks like to make anti – Semitic remarks? I am not, as I am used to various German tech blogger who have repeatedly expressed their hatred towards Israel. Tech blogger sponsored by Samsung, Google and other huge companies. Blogger / Vlogger / Youtuber … Continue reading

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How leading Nazis converted to Islam and the fate of Iraqi Jewry

B”H Countless people love to boycott Israel and show their hatred towards Jews. In their eyes, all Palestinians are the “good guys” and Israelis are nothing but evil occupiers. Why do Christians who make such severe anti – Semitic claims still bother to go to church? When they don’t believe that there were two Temples … Continue reading

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Parashat (Torah Reading) ZACHOR

B”H Yesterday’s Shabbat was SHABBAT ZACHOR. The Shabbat before Purim where we read the Parashat (Torah Portion) ZACHOR in the Synagogues. Zachor (Remember) teaches us about the evil attack of Amalek, the grandson of Esav. When the Amalekites were attacking the Jews in the desert. Until today, all anti-Semites are being referred to as Amalek. … Continue reading