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The Final Days of Anne Frank

B”H Don’t forget that ANTISEMITISM doesn’t only come from right – wing movements but also from leftists! The Antifa as well as liberal leftists are extremely antisemitic and don’t hide their hatred towards Israel. Another kind of anti – semites are those Christian missionaries who are actively involved in proselytizing Jews. Let alone the Muslim … Continue reading

anti - Semitism

Wiesenthal Center’s 2017 Top Ten List Of Worst Global Anti-Semitic/Anti-Israel Incidents

  Europe has become extremely antisemitic since Angela Merkel has opened Germany’s borders. Today not only Spain, Britain, Scandinavia or France are being flooded with Muslims but even Germany. Be careful in case you are planning a trip to Germany, as radical Muslim migrants are all over the place. On the other hand it is … Continue reading

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German documentary on Antisemitism banned by German networks because it is too pro – Israel

B”H For some time it has been going on: The reports about a German documentary on Antisemitism in Europe that was banned by German networks. The German media considers this documentary as “too pro – Israel”. Now a large German newspaper intends to broadcast the documentary on its channel or website or whatever they run. … Continue reading