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Instead “OFF THE DERECH Jews” why not make a movie showing the opposite side?

B”H Netflix has a new documentary coming out: “One of Us” and it is about American Haredim leaving their society. What strikes me is that all kinds of people write books about “leaving haredi society” or they make movies and documentaries. Basically it is always the same: The runaways are the good guys and haredi … Continue reading

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Rabbi Berland standing trial in Israel

B”H Well, he is back in Israel and standing trial now: Rabbi Eliezer Berland who ran away a couple of years ago. The Israeli police were after him, as the Rabbi of Israel’s largest Breslover Baal Teshuva movement was accused of rape He is back and immediately his followers started to claim that the … Continue reading

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Ba’al Teshuva: “When others badmouth you”

B”H The Hebrew word TESHUVA stands for REPENTANCE. Generally speaking, the concept of repentance refers to building a closer relationship with G-d. The definition of a BA’AL TESHUVA (Female: BA’ALAT TESHUVA) is a born Jew with a secular upbringing who, for whatever reason, decides in the course of his life to become religious. Being a … Continue reading