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Free Download: “Vayoel Moshe” by the Satmarer Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum

B”H A free download of Rebbe Yoel Teitelbaum’s famous book “Vayoel Moshe”. The book is about Anti – Zionism and the reason why Satmar rejects the idea of modern Zionism.  The book is in Hebrew only!!! Continue reading

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From the Hebrew Book Week 2017 in Jerusalem – שבוע הספר העברי 2017 בירושלים

B”H A few brief impressions from the annual Hebrew Book Week this evening. The video I made in Jerusalem but there are the same book exhibitions all over the country. Until 17 June. Tonight I was only interested in religious books and bought a book about the history of the Agudat Israel, about Babylonian Talmudic … Continue reading

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This year’s HEBREW BOOK WEEK (Shavua HaSefer) is starting this Wednesday

B”H The annual HEBREW BOOK WEEK (Shavua HaSefer) is starting this Wednesday. Israeli publishing companies are going to exhibit their books and many authors will be around. Most bigger places in their country have their exhibitions and events. In Tel Aviv, the Hebrew Book Week will be taking place on Rabin Square (Kikar Rabin). The … Continue reading

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Free Download: Esti Weinstein – עושה כרצונו

B”H After she had left the Gerrer Chassidim, Esti Weinstein published a book. She wrote about herself being part of a distinguished Gerrer family as well as her years of marriage. Everyone interested: You can download a free copy However, the book is in HEBREW only!!! Continue reading