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Lag ba’Omer in Dushinsky, Breslov, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak & Ruzhin Boyan

B”H Lag Ba’Omer in Chassidut Dushinsky Lag Ba’Omer in Chassidut Toldot Avraham Yitzchak Lag Ba’Omer with Breslov and Rabbi Me’ir Schechter (the original descendants of the followers of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov) Lag Ba’Omer with the Boyaner Rebbe Advertisements Continue reading

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Emails & Articles

B”H I have received a lot of emails from people asking questions. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to answer all questions and remarks. Hopefully tomorrow, I am going to publish an article about Isaiah (Sefer Yeshayahu) 43.   Someone drew my attention to Daniel Ambash who is in jail. The Na Nach Nachman Ba’al Teshuva … Continue reading

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Rabbi Berland standing trial in Israel

B”H Well, he is back in Israel and standing trial now: Rabbi Eliezer Berland who ran away a couple of years ago. The Israeli police were after him, as the Rabbi of Israel’s largest Breslover Baal Teshuva movement was accused of rape He is back and immediately his followers started to claim that the … Continue reading

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Has Uman turned into a paradise for Criminals?

B”H A few days ago, an Israeli TV channel published this article on its website: Sorry, but the article is in Hebrew only! What it basically says is that Uman and the whole environment around Rabbi Nachman’s Kever has turned into a paradise for criminals. Even leading members of the Israeli mafia were seen … Continue reading

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Eliezer Berland stating he is unable to have Sex

B”H If there weren’t such serious crimes involved as rape and sexual abuse of minors, it would actually be quite funny. Eliezer Berland was arrested in Amsterdam but got away with house arrest. For the time being. In Israel the Breslover Ba’al Teshuva “Rabbi” is on an international wanted list. The accusations against him: Rape, … Continue reading

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Rabbi Eliezer Berland arrested in Amsterdam

B”H The Breslover Ba’al Teshuva Rabbi and cult leader, Eliezer Berland, was arrested in Amsterdam. As there is an international warrant of arrest against him, he may be deported to Israel where the cops are already waiting for him. I can only repeat myself: If you are a Ba’al Teshuva and feel like joining … Continue reading