Christian Missionaries / Yom Yerushalayim

Must Read: “Tomer veDevorah’s MEET THE MISSIONARY Series” and the missionary truth about Yom Yerushalayim

B”H There are times when I do write about Christian missionaries cruising around Israel and spreading their idolatry. However, it usually makes me so upset that I have to deal with something else. Of course I know that people like Yehuda Glick, Jeremy Gimpel, Hanaya Naftali or Yishai Fleisher are deeply involved with Christian missionaries. … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries

Evangelical Christians & Christians of Israel want to destroy Judaism

B”H Evangelical Christians as well as the Christian Friends of Israel are, in fact, true enemies of Israel. These Christian missionary organizations want to destroy Judaism. There is no Evangelical Christian in this world whose goal is not to convert Jews to Christian idolatry. Unfortunately the Israeli government accepts millions of dollar donations from these … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries / Pessach

Missionary Warning: “70 missionaries from abroad belonging to J’s Witnesses trying to spread idol – worship in Israel”

B”H The Israeli anti – missionary organization YAD le’ACHIM is giving out a warning: 70 missionaries from abroad (US, Canada and Britain) are cruising around in Israel in order to spread their idol – worship: If you live in Jerusalem: The town is full of Christian tourists at the moment, as they celebrate their … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries

The annual Jerusalem Parade = A Christian Missionary Parade

B”H Every year during Sukkot, the so – called JERUSALEM PARADE (JERUSALEM MARCH) or in Hebrew “ZA’ADAT YERUSHALAYIM” takes place. Thousands of Israeli Jews from all over the country come to Jerusalem and participate in this event. What most Israelis do not know: The organizer of the Jerusalem Parade is the International Christian Embassy located … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries

Christian Missionaries in Israel

B”H Sukkot is not too far away and already now, thousands of Christian missionaries from all over the world start gathering in Jerusalem. They are all looking forward to the annual parade organized by the Christian missionary organization called “International Christian Embassy”. And this wicked embassy, believe it or not, is located in Jerusalem. Every … Continue reading