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The annual Jerusalem Parade = A Christian Missionary Parade

B”H Every year during Sukkot, the so – called JERUSALEM PARADE (JERUSALEM MARCH) or in Hebrew “ZA’ADAT YERUSHALAYIM” takes place. Thousands of Israeli Jews from all over the country come to Jerusalem and participate in this event. What most Israelis do not know: The organizer of the Jerusalem Parade is the International Christian Embassy located … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries

Christian Missionaries in Israel

B”H Sukkot is not too far away and already now, thousands of Christian missionaries from all over the world start gathering in Jerusalem. They are all looking forward to the annual parade organized by the Christian missionary organization called “International Christian Embassy”. And this wicked embassy, believe it or not, is located in Jerusalem. Every … Continue reading

Christian Missionaries

Christians Missionaries in Israel try to marry a Jew in order to stay in the country

B”H Just imagine for a few minutes: You are homeless, sleep in shelters and eat in soup kitchens. You don’t really have a place to go to but only receive a small monthly welfare allowance.  Some people may say: “Well, find a job and earn money!” This, however, doesn’t always work and it very much … Continue reading

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Pessach in Jerusalem: “Christians trying to sneak into Jewish Seders”

Copyright: Miriam Woelke B”H The Jewish world will be celebrating Pessach (Passover) in three weeks from now. In Jerusalem, the Rami Levi supermarket chain has already put the traditional Pessach cookies on sale. Cookies without Chametz (wheat, oats, spelt, rye or barley) but made of potato flour. I haven’t been to the haredi supermarket chain Osher … Continue reading