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Yom Hashoah: “Israel is commemorating six million Holocaust victims”

B”H Tomorrow (Sunday) night at 8 pm, the annual official Holocaust Commemorations are starting in Israel. It is Yom Hashoah – Holocaust Remembrance Day. Jerusalem’s Holocaust Museum Yad Vashem will be broadcasting live at 8 pm tomorrow night (Israel Time). Those of you who may be interested can just go to this website:  http://www.yadvashem.org/ ALL Israeli … Continue reading

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Parashat SHLACH – פרשת שלח

Photo: Miriam Woelke   B”H This Shabbat is SHABBAT SHLACH as well as Shabbat Mervarchin, as we are soon entering the Jewish month of Tammuz. Parashat Shlach is very famous because the Torah is teaching us about the Meraglim (Spies) Moshe sent out to investigate the Land of Israel (in those days Canaan). We all … Continue reading