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Be aware! The Jerusalem Parade is a Christian Missionary Parade!

There are honest Christians whose goal is not to come as missionaries to Israel and who just enjoy their trip. And there are those who come to our country as Christian missionaries in order to destroy Jewish souls. These people are extremely vicious and their goals are nothing but evil and against the Torah. G … Continue reading

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Video: “Ben Yehuda Street, a future hostel and the Jerusalem Ministry of Immigration

B”H Although Jerusalem’s famous Ben Yehuda Street is known as a shopping street with lots of cafes, local residents actually don’t necessarily hang around there. As I am saying in the video, it is a tourist place. Also due to the relatively high prices. Jerusalem residents shop at cheap supermarket chains such as Rami Levi … Continue reading

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Jerusalem: “Nature behind the Mamilla Shopping Mall towards Jaffa Gate”

B”H The Mamilla Mall, right outside Jaffa Gate, has become quite popular among tourists and locals due to its restaurants and expensive shops (jewellery and clothing). However, if you are on a tight budget, you can still go to the Israeli AROMA coffee chain with its red and black logo. There you can buy affordable … Continue reading