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Old Custom: “Check if your shadow has a head on the night of Hoshana Rabbah!”

You would not believe why the man has no head! http://web.nli.org.il/sites/NLI/English/library/reading_corner/Pages/losing_your_head.aspx By the way, this year’s HOSHANA RABBAH starts on Tuesday night. So, if you feel like checking whether your shadow has a head or not, you can go out this Tuesday night (before sunrise on Wednesday morning). 🙂 Advertisements Continue reading

Minhag / Sephardi Judaism / Tisha be'Av

Tisha be’Av: “Cleaning for Meshiach & Baking a Cake”

B”H Someone told me that certain Sephardi communities follow two interesting customs (Minhagim) on Tisha be’Av. Especially Jews from Tunisia like to clean their homes on Tisha be’Av. They call it “Cleaning for Meshiach”. According to some sources, Meshiach is supposed to come on a Tisha be’Av and thus Sephardic communities use the opportunity and … Continue reading

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Q & A: “Why should outsiders not wear chassidic Clothes ?”

B”H One of my blog readers asked why some Haredim may be upset about outsiders wearing clothes of various chassidic groups ? On a very basic level, the answer is very simple: Why should anyone wear a “uniform” if he is not entitled to do so ? Why should a person feel the desire of … Continue reading

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Moroccan Jewry celebrating MAIMUNA last night

B”H Moroccan Jewry has a special custom called MAIMUNA. At the end of the seventh day of Pessach, as soon as the holiday is over, Maimuna is celebrated with good food and traditional Moroccan music. Israeli politicians, Sepharadim and Ashkenazim alike, love using this opportunity and start a public relation show. Leading politicians participate in … Continue reading