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Jerusalem’s cozy BAKA neighbourhood

  Jerusalem’s popular BAKA neighbourhood. This video shows the area between Pierre Koenig and Yehudah Street. The high apartment buildings are new and expensive. Some of those towers are ready and people have already moved in. However, two further towers are still under construction. The smallest and cheapest apartment is around 5500 Shekels per month. … Continue reading

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From the Hebrew Book Week 2017 in Jerusalem – שבוע הספר העברי 2017 בירושלים

B”H A few brief impressions from the annual Hebrew Book Week this evening. The video I made in Jerusalem but there are the same book exhibitions all over the country. Until 17 June. Tonight I was only interested in religious books and bought a book about the history of the Agudat Israel, about Babylonian Talmudic … Continue reading