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PM Netanyahu Holds Press Conference for the International Media

B”H Worth watching, as here you have the entire Israeli – Palestinian conflict explained within minutes! I simply don’t understand why the world doesn’t get it. Why the international media, international politicians and many many other people favour Arab terror and Holocaust denier Abu Mazen. Especially after 9 / 11 the world should be aware … Continue reading

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Core curriculum – לימודי ליבה for haredi Society

B”H The previous Israeli government introduced a highly controversial law: Haredi schools have to teach math, science and English eleven hours per week. This law, however, only applies to those haredi schools that receive financial support from the government. Haredi groups (e.g. Chassidut Dushinsky, Satmar, Toldot Aharon, Toldot Avraham Yitzchak or various litvishe movements) that … Continue reading

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Netanyahu closing the Temple Mount for Jews and Tourists

B”H Yesterday, Bibi Netanyahu announced a new agreement between Israel and the Turkish dictator Erdogan. Israel will pay about $ 20 million compensation to Turkey. This “compensation” is being paid to a Muslim dictator who allowed extreme anti – Semitic liberals and terrorists to sail to Gaza. We all remember the “Marmara”. A ship sailing … Continue reading

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And the winner is … Bibi Netanyahu !!!

Photo: Miriam Woelke “Go and vote !” – Yesterday’s headline of the biggest Israeli paper “Israel Hayom” B”H In Israel, we would love to see Barak Hussein Obama’s stupid face. Netanyahu won the elections and Obama wasted all your tax money by sending out a group of haters. They came to Israel in order to … Continue reading

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Knesset Elections 2015: “Who I may be forced to vote”

Photo: Kikar HaShabbat B”H Tonight, the Jewish world is going to light the first Chanukkah candle and this is more important to me than all the Israeli election chaos. The Knesset dissolved itself and, lets be honest, we all knew that a coalition between Netanyahu and the self – loving Ya’ir Lapid wouldn’t last very … Continue reading