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Some Insights on the upcoming Israeli Independence Day

  B”H This Wednesday night and Thursday, Israel will be celebrating its annual Independence Day. In Hebrew, the day is called YOM HA’AZ’MA’UT. And this time it is special, as Israel is celebrating its 70th birthday. Of course, there will be special fireworks, celebrations and all kinds of special events. The national religious (religious Zionist) … Continue reading

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Another Neturei Karta demonstration in Mea Shearim

B”H Last Sunday, the anti – Zionist NETUREI Karta started demonstrating in Mea Shearim / Jerusalem. The reason was that the cops arrested a Neturei Karta guy who was demonstrating in front of Jerusalem’s recruiting office in Rashi Street. This incident happened a week earlier. The video below shows the demonstration taking place this Sunday … Continue reading

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Emails & Articles

B”H I have received a lot of emails from people asking questions. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to answer all questions and remarks. Hopefully tomorrow, I am going to publish an article about Isaiah (Sefer Yeshayahu) 43.   Someone drew my attention to Daniel Ambash who is in jail. The Na Nach Nachman Ba’al Teshuva … Continue reading

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Biased Israeli Media using Haredim for headlines

B”H Haredim are not very popular in Israel. For various reasons and some of them I can understand. However, for some reason and I don’t know why, a lot of Israelis show a high interest in haredi matters. In particular, how Haredim live their daily lives. Those ordinary Israeli fascinated by the haredi world don’t … Continue reading

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Do the Mishkenot HaRo’im accept Outsiders ?

Purim celebrations at the Mishkenot HaRo’im Synagogue B”H Most people are aware of the fact that chassidic groups or litvishe movements belonging to the Edah HaCharedit are anti – Zionist. However, the Neturei Karta is not an official member of the Edah and the group’s anti – Zionist ideology differs very much from the Edah. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Israels’s Independence YES or NO ?

B”H Starting at 8pm tonight: Israel is going to celebrate it’s 66th Independence Day (Yom Ha’azma’ut). The annual question the country’s secular media is asking: “Why are the Haredim boycotting our Independence Day ?” What is usually happening is that the local Mea Shearim Neturei Karta is calling the ZIONIST press. This is going to … Continue reading