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Another Neturei Karta demonstration in Mea Shearim

B”H Last Sunday, the anti – Zionist NETUREI Karta started demonstrating in Mea Shearim / Jerusalem. The reason was that the cops arrested a Neturei Karta guy who was demonstrating in front of Jerusalem’s recruiting office in Rashi Street. This incident happened a week earlier. The video below shows the demonstration taking place this Sunday … Continue reading

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Emails & Articles

B”H I have received a lot of emails from people asking questions. Unfortunately, I haven’t had the time to answer all questions and remarks. Hopefully tomorrow, I am going to publish an article about Isaiah (Sefer Yeshayahu) 43.   Someone drew my attention to Daniel Ambash who is in jail. The Na Nach Nachman Ba’al Teshuva … Continue reading

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Biased Israeli Media using Haredim for headlines

B”H Haredim are not very popular in Israel. For various reasons and some of them I can understand. However, for some reason and I don’t know why, a lot of Israelis show a high interest in haredi matters. In particular, how Haredim live their daily lives. Those ordinary Israeli fascinated by the haredi world don’t … Continue reading

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Do the Mishkenot HaRo’im accept Outsiders ?

Purim celebrations at the Mishkenot HaRo’im Synagogue B”H Most people are aware of the fact that chassidic groups or litvishe movements belonging to the Edah HaCharedit are anti – Zionist. However, the Neturei Karta is not an official member of the Edah and the group’s anti – Zionist ideology differs very much from the Edah. … Continue reading

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Celebrating Israels’s Independence YES or NO ?

B”H Starting at 8pm tonight: Israel is going to celebrate it’s 66th Independence Day (Yom Ha’azma’ut). The annual question the country’s secular media is asking: “Why are the Haredim boycotting our Independence Day ?” What is usually happening is that the local Mea Shearim Neturei Karta is calling the ZIONIST press. This is going to … Continue reading