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Instead “OFF THE DERECH Jews” why not make a movie showing the opposite side?

B”H Netflix has a new documentary coming out: “One of Us” and it is about American Haredim leaving their society. What strikes me is that all kinds of people write books about “leaving haredi society” or they make movies and documentaries. Basically it is always the same: The runaways are the good guys and haredi … Continue reading

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Free Download: Esti Weinstein – עושה כרצונו

B”H After she had left the Gerrer Chassidim, Esti Weinstein published a book. She wrote about herself being part of a distinguished Gerrer family as well as her years of marriage. Everyone interested: You can download a free copy However, the book is in HEBREW only!!! Continue reading

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Esti Weinstein and other dropouts

B”H Fifty year old Esti Weinstein committed suicide. Some years ago she had left Gur (Yiddish: Ger). Gur is Israel’s largest chassidic group. A couple of years ago I wrote a few articles about the history of GUR: The truth is that I had never heard about Esti Weinstein. I wasn’t familiar with her story at … Continue reading

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Another chassidic runaway: Yossi Feinhandler

Photo: Yediot Yerushalayim B”H Jerusalem’s local paper YEDIOT YERUSHALAYIM published in it’s latest editions a longer article about the Karlin – Pinsk runaway Yossi Feinhandler. It is always important to mention the background of a chassidic runaway, as the secular Israeli media loves those kind of stories. Here, Yediot Yerushalayim stresses that Yossi Feinhandler is … Continue reading

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Fed up with Jews leaving religious Society

B”H Only recently, one of the blog readers kindly forwarded me a link to a new American book publication. I think it was a young woman publishing a story about her chassidic or whatever haredi background. How she escaped and now lives a secular lifestyle. As already Devorah Feldman, this woman is also bashing her … Continue reading