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Bi’ur Chametz – Burning of the last Chametz 2018 in Nachlaot / Jerusalem

B”H Yesterday morning, the traditional Bi’ur Chametz – Burning of the Chametz” took place in most Jewish communities all over the world. Chametz includes all forbidden grains on Pessach such as rye, wheat, barley, spelt or oats. It furthermore includes all products made from those grains such as noodles, soup powder, beer, etc. Many people … Continue reading


Erev Pessach in Jerusalem: “Weather Forecast” & “Eating Chametz until when?”

B”H On Erev Pessach (this Friday), Ashkenazi Jews are allowed to eat Chametz until 10.08 am. Biur Chametz (the Burning of the Chametz) has to take place until 11.26 am. The times are for Jerusalem only and, as I mentioned before, for Ashkenazi Jews. Weather forecast: Temperatures will be low this Erev Pessach. 15 degrees … Continue reading

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Missionary Warning: “70 missionaries from abroad belonging to J’s Witnesses trying to spread idol – worship in Israel”

B”H The Israeli anti – missionary organization YAD le’ACHIM is giving out a warning: 70 missionaries from abroad (US, Canada and Britain) are cruising around in Israel in order to spread their idol – worship: If you live in Jerusalem: The town is full of Christian tourists at the moment, as they celebrate their … Continue reading