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The Malbim on Iyov

Copyright: Weisberg / Kazanovsky B”H THE MALBIM ON IYOV – A great book by Herbert Weisberg and Yosef Kazanovsky !!! I can only recommend this book. It is not cheap but after I purchased it, I was definitely not disappointed. Amazon doesn’t allow a look into the book and this is why I put … Continue reading

Food / Halacha / Q & A / Rabbi Mordechai Machlis

Q & A: “Are Jews allowed to eat with Gentiles ?”

B”H I have received a question regarding Jews eating with Gentiles. The person asking went to a Shabbat meal at Rabbi Mordechai Machlis (Jerusalem) who does accept Gentiles for Shabbatot. Question: I thought that Rabbis were not supposed to eat with Gentiles. Was this wrong info or have things changed? Answer: There is nothing wrong … Continue reading