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How about Rabbi Machlis after the Pandemic?

B”H I was wondering whether one of you knows about Rabbi Machlis returning to his famous Shabbat meals? It is hard to get hold of him and I asked a few people but they simply don’t know what is going on. Have the Machlises returned to run their Shabbat shows? 🙂 Continue reading

Jewish Concepts / Rabbi Mordechai Machlis

When Lashon HaRah (Slander) cannot be Lashon HaRah anymore

B”H A very important Jewish concept is “Lashon HaRah (Slander)”. When someone or a group of people talk in a negative way about someone else. Spreading rumours can damage a person’s reputation and life.   Very famous for writing about Lashon HaRah was the CHAFETZ CHAIM – Rabbi Israel Me’ir Kagan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Israel_Meir_Kagan Many Jews have heard … Continue reading

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis

Shabbat Hospitality continuing at the Machlis home

B”H Some people may be interested: Already two weeks ago, the Machlis family continued their famous Shabbat meals. This week, the family was commemorating the Shloshim of Rabbanit Henny Machlis z’l. Rabbi Mordechai Machlis also teaches at the Israel Center (Orthodox Union) every Sunday evening. No charge! At the moment the Rabbi is teaching Sefer … Continue reading

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Electric Power Issues

B”H These past few days, the coastal areas around Tel Aviv were flooded. Within minutes, a lot of rain came down and flooded Herzliya, Kfar Saba and Rana’ana. And, as usual, bad weather conditions always cause the electricity to stop. The Israeli electric company “Chevrat HaChashmal” just doesn’t seem to get it. 🙂 The day … Continue reading

Rabbi Mordechai Machlis

For all those who never met Henny Machlis: Aish HaTorah on Henny Machlis z”l

B”H There is a wonderful article about Henny Machlis on the Aish HaTorah homepage: http://www.aish.com/sp/so/Henny-Machlis-A-Truly-Great-Jewish-Woman.html?mobile=yes   This is just so true. How many times have we been to the Machlises and wondered how they are able to deal with all those different kinds of people. From the Yeshiva Bochur to the homeless person screaming around. … Continue reading

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In Memory of Rabbanit Henny Machlis: “A story from the Arizal”

Photo: Baltimore Jewish Life B”H The wife of the famous Jerusalem Rabbi Mordechai Machlis, Rabbanit Henny Machlis, very much liked to tell inspiring stories during the family’s popular Shabbat meals. Unfortunately, Henny Machlis passed away and I am publishing one of the stories she loved to tell: It was at the time of the Arizal … Continue reading