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A new ugly building on Jaffa Road / Jerusalem

B”H There is a severe shortage of affordable apartments for rent but no one really cares. The only apartment buildings being build are luxury apartments. Either for sale or for rent. Here is another example of unnecessary new luxury apartments on Jaffa Road. Between the Clal Center and Machane Yehudah Market.      The shops … Continue reading

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Jerusalem’s cozy BAKA neighbourhood

  Jerusalem’s popular BAKA neighbourhood. This video shows the area between Pierre Koenig and Yehudah Street. The high apartment buildings are new and expensive. Some of those towers are ready and people have already moved in. However, two further towers are still under construction. The smallest and cheapest apartment is around 5500 Shekels per month. … Continue reading

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Photos: “The Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem”, Part 1

Photo: Miriam Woelke In the Muslim Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem. Compared to the huge area of the Muslim Quarter, the Jewish, Armenian and Christian Quarters are relatively small. The Jewish Quarter may even be called “tiny”. The Old City of Jerusalem is dominated by the Muslim Quarter due to it’s size.  Tourists … Continue reading

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Luxury Apartments & Illegal Africans in southern Tel Aviv

B”H For years and years, Tel Aviv’s Mayor Ron Chulda’i has been trying to clean the entire area around the local Central Bus Station from thousands of illegal Africans, prostitution, drugs and further crime. So far, without any obvious success. The Tel Aviv Municipality cannot fix what Israel’s government keeps on ignoring: More than 50,000 … Continue reading

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Important dates in NISSAN / Overpriced Jerusalem apartments for Passover

B”H This week’s Parasha is called TAZRIA (Leviticus / Vayikra 12:1 – 13:59). In addition to that, we read a special Torah reading called Parashat HA’CHODESH. Parashat Ha’Chodesh is always read on the Shabbat before Rosh Chodesh NISSAN (the beginning of the Jewish month of NISSAN). We are celebrating Rosh Chodesh NISSAN on 1 April … Continue reading

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Legal discrimination of Jews in Israel

B”H Imagine this took place in the US, Europe or anywhere else in the world: All people enjoy the legal right of cheaper housing but not the Jews ! Netanyahu would scream out and call this anti – Semitism. But where does such a law exist ? In ISRAEL ! Various Jewish Israelis are … Continue reading