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Jerusalem: Hillel Street 27, Kikar HaMusica, Yoel Salomon Street & Kikar Zion

B”H Walking from Hillel Street 27 to Kikar Zion (Zion Square). Passing Kikar HaMusica (Music Square) where you can see lots of umbrellas hanging in the air and restaurants. The square is rather new and was built by a French investor. People who live there constantly complain about the noise and live music. Then walking … Continue reading

Chanukkah / Streets in Jerusalem

The 8th Chanukkah candle: “Photos & Video from Nachlaot / Jerusalem”

B”H It has become a popular tradition for visitors to walk around the Nachlaot neighbourhood during the 8th night of Chanukkah. The cozy atmosphere attracts many people and what they usually do is taking pictures. So did I and here is the result:    Photo: Miriam Woelke     Photo: Miriam Woelke     Photo: … Continue reading

Chanukkah / Streets in Jerusalem

Chanukkah Impressions from Nachlaot / Jerusalem

Photo: Miriam Woelke Chanukkah Sufganiot (Donuts) at “English Cake” in Agrippas Street. B”H Nachlaot (near the Machane Yehudah Market) is one of Jerusalem’s most popular neighbourhoods. In the 1950ies and 1960ies, Nachlaot was dominated by Sephardi Jews from Morocco, Iraq or Kurdistan. About ten years ago, the neighbourhood underwent a tremendous change when wealthy American … Continue reading