SEFARIA offering a free English Talmud translation

B”H SEFARIA offers a free English Talmud translation: http://www.sefaria.org/texts/Talmud However, the Talmud text is never enough, as we always need commentaries explaining the different meanings of the text. The Talmud uses a lot of metaphors and hidden symbolic language. Thus, many parts cannot be taken literally. One famous example are NUMBERS / FIGURES. When the … Continue reading

Anti - Jewish / Christian Missionaries / Church / Talmud

Christian Talmud Bashing

B”H We all know the famous Christian Talmud Bashing from the medieval church. Talmud editions were burned in Spain, France and other western European countries. The church was extremely afraid of Gentiles finding out about the true origins of Christianity and that the pope may lose his power.  The Talmud, on the other hand, doesn’t really … Continue reading

Talmud / Teshuva

Talmud Pesachim 54: “G-d created Teshuva (Repentance) before creating the physical World”

B”H The Gemara (rabbinic discussion) in Talmud Pesachim 54a teaches: “Seven things were created in the spiritual world before the physical world was created – and these are: Torah, Repentance (Hebrew: Teshuva), Gan Eden (Paradise), Gehinnom, G-d’s Heavenly Throne of Glory, the Holy Temple and the Name of Meshiach.” In this article I am only … Continue reading