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Arab world is celebrating the “Fire Intifada” in Israel

B”H The famous German leftist and anti – Semitic news magazine “Der Spiegel” is calling the destructive Wildfires in Israel “bushfires”. Bushfire sounds less dangerous and, by the way, “it is Israel’s right using the present situation by accusing the poor innocent Palestinians of arson”.  This comes from a German anti – Semitic news magazine.  However, … Continue reading

Radical Islam / Terror

Yesterday’s Arab terror attack in Jerusalem and the meaning of the Islamic one – finger salute

B”H A 39 – year – old Palestinian terrorist started shooting at Jerusalem pedestrians yesterday morning. Two Israelis were killed and many others injured. Here are all the details: The Palestinian terrorist was known to the police, had a long crime record and was on his way to jail. Now the questions come up: … Continue reading