New bus line: Jerusalem – Ben Gurion Airport / Ben Gurion Airport – Jerusalem

B”H Until January 2017, travelers who arrived at the Ben Gurion Airport and were¬†planning to continue their journey to Jerusalem (or vice versa) could either take the Egged bus 947, the train, a regular taxi or the cheap taxi company NESHER. Taking the train from the airport to Jerusalem costs less than 20 Shekels but … Continue reading

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Where is the action in Jerusalem?

A new cafe inside the Machane Yehudah Market B”H I still remember the “old days” when tourists and young Israelis used to go to all the bars and restaurants at the Russian Compound. Don’t ask whether it was kosher or not. Mostly it wasn’t but people loved having their beer there. Even American Yeshiva Bochurim. … Continue reading

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The AVRAHAM HOSTEL is coming to Tel Aviv

B”H Israel’s tourist industry is down and even in Jerusalem, quite a hotels were forced to shut down. The crisis began with the war in Gaza in summer 2014. Missiles were flying into Israel and tourists started canceling their trips to the Holy Land.¬† Since then, the tourist industry has not recovered. To make things … Continue reading

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A clean and affordable place to sleep in Jerusalem

B”H Are you among those tourists who got ripped off by dirty overpriced Arab hostels in the Old City of Jerusalem? Well, this is your fault because you should have checked into the Avraham Hostel located near the Machane Yehudah Market in downtown Jerusalem. Not in the Old City where most tourists would love to … Continue reading