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  1. We were staying in the Grand Court hotel for a shabbat chatan and I went to the Toldot Aharon tish on shabbat Vayechi. We were six (not living in Israel) and one of the child had a kipa with “tsahal” written on it. I was not sure of what could happen. He went in front of the rebbe, got some food and calme back to us 🙂

  2. B”H

    The Toldot Aharon actually accept any Jew but if you had been a Gentile, you may have been in trouble.:-)

    The TA Rebbe has nothing against Zahal or knitted Kipot and is very nice. Many secular Jews like going to his Tish and he also gives them out food and blessings.

    However, if you went to a Neturei Karta or Mishkenot HaRo’im Tish, you may have faced some comments.:-)

  3. B”H

    It says in my calendar that Tuesday & Wednesday were Rosh Chodesh Tevet. Therefore, Rosh Chodesh actually started on Monday night.

    At least, this is what my calendar is telling me.

  4. am pleased to report that Rabbi Aharon Ramati has been cleared of all charges. The mother of Nofar, one of the girls had admitted that she was frighten by Lev Achim into ” bringing down Rabbi Ramati. It looks like this accusation will be investigated. Watch this space.

  5. B”H

    @ Nathe

    I don’t know whether the police actually found proof or not. As a matter of fact, the police as well as the Israeli organization Center against Cults have been watching Rabbi Ramati for quite some time. Leading Rabbis have spoken out against him a while ago. Among other, Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef z”l.

    Fact is that Midreshet Be’er Miriam stole gas from surrounding buildings. Apparently there were illegal pipes attached to the legal gas pipes belonging to the neighbours. The building itself is totally neglected and will be demolished.

    I will have a look if there will be more details in the local paper this Friday !

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