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Christian Missionaries

The annual Jerusalem Parade = A Christian Missionary Parade

B”H Every year during Sukkot, the so – called JERUSALEM PARADE (JERUSALEM MARCH) or in Hebrew “ZA’ADAT YERUSHALAYIM” takes place. Thousands of Israeli Jews from all over the country come to Jerusalem and participate in this event. What most Israelis do not know: The organizer of the Jerusalem Parade is the International Christian Embassy located … Continue reading


The first Rain

B”H After seven months without any rain, Jerusalem got its first rainshower this morning. Yesterday it rained in Holon, Rishon LeZion and Tel Aviv. Today it rained in the northern part of the country and in Jerusalem. The first rain called MATAR, smells so good and it cleans the dusty summer air. In Israel, we … Continue reading

Minhag / Sukkot

Old Custom: “Check if your shadow has a head on the night of Hoshana Rabbah!”

You would not believe why the man has no head! By the way, this year’s HOSHANA RABBAH starts on Tuesday night. So, if you feel like checking whether your shadow has a head or not, you can go out this Tuesday night (before sunrise on Wednesday morning). 🙂 Continue reading