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The Jerusalem YES PLANET & Christian Activities

B”H Israeli JEWS are restricted during Chanukkah but xtians are allowed to set up xmas idolatry trees in the Holy City of Jerusalem. It is the first night of Chanukkah tonight and what Chanukah is teaching us to go against any idolatry: It is a paradox, as xtian messianics consider the Jewish holiday of … Continue reading

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The Maccabim, Christian spam and the Israeli government

B”H This upcoming Sunday night, the Jewish world is going to light the first Chanukkah candle. The importance of Chanukkah as well as Purim is to make us aware of the fact that both holidays are not just some ancient anniversaries but that these days have a connection to our present and future. There are … Continue reading

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Yad le’Achim warning: “The anti – semitic J. Witnesses sect is cruising from door to door in Israel”

B”H Believe it or not, there are actually Jewish Israelis members of the anti – semitic sect called “J.’s Witnesses”. I once came across one and he told me that his mother was a Holocaust survivor and, after coming to Israel, joined the Witness sect. I told him that I found this ridiculous. First the … Continue reading

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Christian missionaries laughing about Israeli law

B”H According to Israeli law, Christian missionaries are forbidden handing out idolatry missionary propaganda to Jews. However, Christian missionaries don’t care about the JEWISH State of Israel and continue spreading idol – worship and thus destroying Jewish souls. They still believe in Yoshke, the son of the Jewess Miriam and the Roman soldier Pandera. Miriam … Continue reading