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Bereshit / Genesis 18:8 – “Did Avraham keep the entire Torah?”

B”H One of my German readers asked whether it is true that the forefathers kept the Torah before the official Matan Torah at Mount Sinai. Yes, indeed, there is such a concept in Judaism and I also learned this in Yeshiva: That the Jewish forefather already kept various Torah Mitzvot before G-d gave the Torah … Continue reading

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The strange Man (Ish) in the Torah

B”H Yesterday’s Torah Parasha VAYESHEV as well as the Parasha before, VAYISHLACH, mentioned him: A strange man seemingly appearing out of the blue. Parashat Vayishlach (Bereshit / Genesis 32:23-32:33) teaches about a MAN (Hebrew: ISH) who was attacking Yaakov. The situation is really odd. Suddenly a man comes up and starts fighting with Yaakov. The … Continue reading

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The Ben Ish Chai on Parashat TOLDOT

B”H This week’s Shabbat is SHABBAT TOLDOT and, at the same time, Rosh Chodesh KISLEV. Parashat TOLDOT deals with Rivka (Rebecca) giving birth to Yaakov and Esav. She also tells her beloved son Yaakov to get his father’s blessing of the firstborn. This way of cheating always bothered me until I learned some deeper insights. … Continue reading

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What does Parashat CHAYE SARAH teach us?

B”H This week’s Parasha is CHAYE SARAH (Genesis / Bereshit 23:1-25:18). Due to the end of the daylight saving, now Shabbat starts relatively early in Israel. In Jerusalem we light the Shabbat candles at 4.10 pm tomorrow. Shabbat Chaye Sarah ends on Saturday evening at 5.23 pm. Next week, we already enter the Jewish month … Continue reading

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Judaism on changing one’s name

B”H Yesterday was Shabbat Mikeitz where we read Parashat Mikeitz in the Synagogues. The Parasha is teaching us that Yosef interpreted Pharaoh’s dreams and Pharaoh was thankful and gave Yosef an important job. Furthermore, he provided Yosef with a new name: YOSEF became ZAFNAT PANEACH. In his commentary on the Parasha, the Ramchal (Rabbi Moshe … Continue reading

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On Parashat VAYESHEV & the Benefit of a Doubt

Picture & Explanation: NASA B”H This week’s Parasha is called VAYESHEV. Shabbat Vayeshev starts tomorrow (Friday) afternoon at 4.01 pm and ends on Saturday afternoon at 5.16 pm. The times given are for Jerusalem ! Almost everybody knows what Parashat Vayeshev teaches. There is Yaakov living with his family in Canaan. He loves his youngest … Continue reading

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Avraham sent away Keturah’s sons

B”H In one of my previous article on the Hebrew letters series I mentioned that, according to Kabbalists, the Hebrew letters contain a variety of spiritual forces and energies.  There will be more details on this once I am going to talk about SEFER YETZIRAH (Book of Creation). Already Talmud Tractate Sanhedrin 65b states that … Continue reading

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Bereshit 17:17 – 27: “Yitzchak is going to fulfill the Covenant”

B”H At the end of last week’s Parasha LECH LECHA, we are being told that G – d gave a promise to Avraham. His wife Sarah would give birth to a son they should call YITZCHAK (“He will Laugh”). Furthermore, G – d commanded Avraham to circumcise himself. Then, Avraham took his son Ishmael and … Continue reading