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IDF Officer Sets the Facts Straight about Security Crossings

B”H There are plenty of people in this world who have absolutely no idea about Israel. They don’t know how our daily life works, they have no clue about the political situation and who is who and what and why. All they know is BBC or CNN. By watching this, people feel like experts and … Continue reading

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PR Firm hiring anti – haredi provocateurs ?

B”H The news was already published a couple of months ago but this doesn’t mean that it is old stuff. I have been using numerous buses all over Jerusalem. Including those buses going to haredi neighbourhoods. When taking the buses I wasn’t always wearing a long skirt but pants. And I have to say … Continue reading

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Left – wing Israeli media is giving platform to xtian missionaries

B”H Shame on Israel’s secular left – wing media by giving xtian missionaries a platform. The secular left – wing media doesn’t care about ethics but is only running after money. It doesn’t matter who pays, Israel’s secular news sites are ready to run any ad. Example: Ynet running this kind of idol – worship … Continue reading

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Haredi Attacks and Israeli Hatred

B”H I assume that most people have heard about the incident happening in the Mea Shearim market two days ago. A haredi Ba’al Teshuva (newly religious) from Hod HaSharon entered the market area in order to visit a relative. He also was wearing the uniform of an Israeli soldier and thus got attacked by a … Continue reading