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Entrance to the Israeli Prime Minister’s House & A demonstration of retired Israeli Cops

I was, more or less, succeeding in filming the entrance to the Prime Minister’s House. At the moment, Benjamin Netanyahu is living there but, generally speaking, the house is only for Israeli Prime Ministers in office. As soon as they are not re – elected, they have to leave this residence.
In the video I am mentioning that the house is on Ramban Street. The official address is Balfour Street but I was standing around the corner on Ramban.
Most of the time you will find a demonstration right outside the Prime Minister’s House. People set up a tent and a portable toilet and just stay there. At the moment you can find retired Israeli policemen demonstrating. They want more pension and their point is that army officers with the same rank and the same amount of year’s on duty receive a few thousand Shekels more pension than regular police officers. 



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