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Regarding Israel’s 70th Birthday

  Generally speaking: This is a nicely made animation about Jewish history. Unfortunately the end of the video, however, is a bit too far from reality. Peace with the Palestinians just as Israel made peace with Jordan and Egypt? Until this day, the Palestinians, Hamas as well as Fatach, strongly reject to recognize Israel as … Continue reading

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Some Insights on the upcoming Israeli Independence Day

  B”H This Wednesday night and Thursday, Israel will be celebrating its annual Independence Day. In Hebrew, the day is called YOM HA’AZ’MA’UT. And this time it is special, as Israel is celebrating its 70th birthday. Of course, there will be special fireworks, celebrations and all kinds of special events. The national religious (religious Zionist) … Continue reading

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A German reporting me to Twitter

B”H Germany’s Foreign Minister Heiko Maas proudly announced that Germany now has an “Antisemitism Representative”. Basically a guy whose job it is to fight antisemitism but, as he is a government employee, he will be quiet and keep away from trouble. Antisemitism in German is rising drastically due to millions of Muslim migrants who walk … Continue reading