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Jerusalem: “Remembering ANGEL Bakery on Canfei Nesharim”

The largest and most famous Israeli bakery, ANGEL (not pronounced as in English!), is about to leave Jerusalem and move its production to Lod and Sderot. The bakery has been in Jerusalem for ages and provided many jobs. Especially to Russian immigrants and Palestinians. The entire area around Canfei Nesharim and Farbstein Street always has … Continue reading

Knesset / Streets in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Tram Ride on Israeli Election Day 2022

Israeli Election Day always takes places on a Tuesday. It is an official day off in Israel and those people working get 150% more pay. But note: This only applies to Israeli citizens and not to tourists working in Israel! This video starts in the Kiryat Moshe neighbourhood. An almost entirely national religious neighbourhood. The … Continue reading