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My opinion on the “Jerusalem Heritage House” scandal

B”H You can call it the “Jerusalem Heritage House” scandal or also the Heritage House bashing. Whatever you prefer. Twitter is going wild and many American Jews who have never been to the Heritage House or have never even heard about the place suddenly feel entitled to state express opinions. The story is that, apparently … Continue reading

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An ordinary Thursday evening at Jerusalem’s Old Train Station

B”H To people living outside Israel, our Israeli daily lives may sound a little odd. On the one hand, there were rockets flying into Israel last Thursday. The day I made this video. Hamas was attacking Israel and this is nothing special, as we are used to it.  And on the other hand, Israelis living in … Continue reading

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The King is in the Field – המלך ×‘שדה

B”H This Shabbat as well as Sunday, the Jewish world is entering the new month of ELUL. Elul together with Tishre’i (following Elul) are my beloved months of the year. Others love Purim or Pessach, I am tremendously in love with Rosh Hashana and Sukkot. It doesn’t mean, I am leaving out Yom Kippur but, … Continue reading

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Entrance to the Israeli Prime Minister’s House & A demonstration of retired Israeli Cops

B”H I was, more or less, succeeding in filming the entrance to the Prime Minister’s House. At the moment, Benjamin Netanyahu is living there but, generally speaking, the house is only for Israeli Prime Ministers in office. As soon as they are not re – elected, they have to leave this residence. In the video … Continue reading